Bok Choy with a Twist

Today’s dish is for the adults ’cause I think it’s time to give Son #2 a break!  So while the boys enjoy their pasta with tomato sauce, the husband and I can enjoy one our favorite dishes-  Baby Bok Choy with a Twist. Most recipes call for the bok choy to be left whole but because we usually eat it with rice and by using chop sticks, I like to break it up into individual leaves.

Cookbooks will normally ask you to steam this vegetable, but I don’t actually have a steamer, so I simple immerse the 6-8 baby bok choys in rapidly boiling water for about 3 minutes or until they turn from their uncooked light green colour to a vibrant green. Then I drain the water and return the bok choy into the pot. With the pot off the heat I drizzle the bok choy with 1 tsp of rice wine vinegar and 1 tsp of sesame seed oil ( if you don’t like the taste of sesame oil, use any oil that you enjoy).

Here’s my twist – just before serving I top the dish with slices of dried seaweed. If you don’t normally eat seaweed, I would definitely recommend trying the seasoned seaweed sheets first. They are nothing but salty, crispy goodness and can be found in almost any Asian supermarket. They do, however, contain A LOT of salt, so use just enough to add a little crunch and seasoning.

Thanks so much to everyone who has given me great suggestions. Next week I’ll try Sweet Potato Fries ( thanks Laura) and Kale Chips ( thanks Joyce).

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

– mom on a veggie mission


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