Sweet Potato Fries

To make these tasty treats (that my friend Laura kindly suggested)  preheat the oven to 425F and scrub 2-3 large sweet potatoes under cold water. Once you’ve dried them, cut them in half lengthwise and then cut the halves into as many fries as your potato allows (probably between 3-4 slices.)

Next, take a large mixing bowl and add to it 1 tbsp of olive oil, 1/2 tsp. ground cumin, 1 tsp course salt and pepper to taste. Throw your sweet potato slices into the bowl and toss to coat, or get your hands in there and rub! This is the part that I would have had the boys do, but they were very busy creating a large Lego castle and gave me the evil eye when I suggested helping. I didn’t want to disturb the peace, so I retreated back into the kitchen.

Lay the fries out on a lined baking sheet and roast for around 20 minutes (or until tender.) Flip the fries halfway through cooking. WATCH THEM! I almost burned mine.

Who ate the fries?

Husband- Why, of course.

Son #1- “I liked them comme ci, comme ca.” (He’s in French immersion so he’s fancy like that.)

Son #2- no.

On another note:

Son #1, who turns six in a couple of months, has been asking a lot of questions about where things come from.

“Where did that baby come from?”

“Where did that flower come from?”

“Where did that bird come from?”

This is actually not new, as he has been asking these questions since he was two and I have always answered,

“From her mom.”

“From a seed.”

“From an egg laid by his mom.”

The difference is that now he isn’t happy with my answers.

“Yes, but where did THAT seed come from?” or ” Where did the first mom come from?”

“Well, I guess some people believe that living things have evolved slowly over millions of years, and other people believe that God created the first of everything,”

“Oh, yes,” Son #1 began, “friends  at school think that God created everything.”

“Yes,” I replied, “lots of people believe that.”

” I know, ” doubt suddenly filled his voice, ” but I just don’t think Zeus made all this!”

Houston, we have a problem.

– Mom on a veggie mission


4 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Fries

  1. Hey, Katarina.
    There are so many wonderful pictures which I do feel like eating. And, funny and cute, too.

    Hyangshin Kim

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