Fresh Spring Rolls

To make these delicious rolls start by chopping your vegetables. I used 1 red mango , 1 red pepper, 2 carrots (all cut into thin, long strips) and 1 handful of coriander cleaned and dried. (This fills around 8 rolls.)

Next, make the noodles. I used a 1/4 package of rice noodles. Follow the cooking instructions on the package and then run them under cold water to cool them down. Dress the cold noodles with 1 tsp. soya sauce, 1 tsp. rice wine vinegar, and 1 tsp. sesame oil.

Next you’ll need 1 package of  rice paper. If you have never used rice paper before it’s quite amazing how the crisp rice paper simply melts, in a little water, to become a big, soft noodle.  Both boys really loved this part.

Take a wide rimmed bowl and fill it with warm tap water. Then take 1 sheet of rice paper and let it sit in its warm bath for about 15 seconds until it gets soft.  Take it out and place it on a plate. Fill it with your noodles, and vegetables and then fold in the ends and roll. It looks best if you cut it in half, so that its colourful insides are revealed. Then repeat this process for the rest of your rolls. We like a Sweet Chili dipping sauce but any Asian sauce would work well.

Who ate it?

Husband- Of course! He ate 6 of them.

Son #1- He ate the peppers and mangoes and loved them. The rice paper he didn’t like so much.

Son #2-NO! It was a long shot.

Around our home:

It’s time once again to start planning our annual camping trip. We’ve gone every year since the boys were toddlers but this year should prove much easier. Everyone wears underwear, no one naps, the boys should be able to help and we don’t have to watch them like hawks. Hallelujah!

These camping trips have also given me the opportunity to study mosquitoes . I have learned only two things. One is that  I have some sort of genetic mutation, which allows me to be eaten alive no matter the amount of spray I use, and the second is that if you don’t want to be bitten wear a diaper or hang a bag of fresh urine off your neck.

Every year  Son #2 has been in either diapers or pull-ups and he has never had a single bug bite. Not a one! The only difference between him and the rest of us is that he stored his urine and we didn’t. If my theory holds, Son #2 should get eaten alive this year! Not that I’m smiling about that. That would be cruel.

Of course, what my husband and I are really waiting for is the day that the boys are strong enough to carry some gear on their backs and walk a few miles a day. That, however, will take many more years.

” We should have done more backpacking before we had kids, ” my husband began one day last week.

” Yeah, that would have been good,” I answered.

” I guess if we want to go alone, we’ll have to wait until the boys are in university.”

“No way! We’ll  be chased by bears.” I replied.

” We are not going to be chased by bears. They’ll choose some old couple to maul instead of us.”

I just keep looking at my husband in silence until it hits him.

“Oh man. That’s us. We will be the old couple!

“Yep, but if we’re lucky we’ll be in adult diapers and bug-free!”

Life is awesome. Have a Happy Father’s Day!

-Mom on a veggie mission


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