Kale Lemonade

It’s been “buckle the asphalt” hot around here and so I decided that we should drink our vegetables. The most amazing thing about this juice is the colour – it’s HULK green, all thanks to a little kale.

To make this amazing looking drink, you’ll need 1 cup of chopped kale leaves, 900 ml of lemonade, and 6-8 ice cubes. Put all this into the blender and puree for a few minutes until the ingredients combine. There will be a lot of foam at the top of the juice. Not to worry, just pour into your glasses and serve with a sprig of mint (or kale).

Who drank it?

Husband- Yes.

Son #1- Drank quite a lot of it, but didn’t like the little bits of kale.

Son #2- Tried it, but didn’t really like it. He actually didn’t mind the flavour but, like his brother, had trouble with the little green bits.

The boys are right about the little kale bits, if the doorbell rings while you are enjoying this beverage, you should probably check your teeth in a mirror before you say, “howdy!”

On another note:

Recently, we were speaking with friends about that now-infamous Time magazine breastfeeding photo (the one with the rather distant-looking mom and the kid on a step-stool). To be honest, I didn’t find it all that alarming. My husband and I took one look at it and laughed, “that could have been us!” we exclaimed in unison.

It could have been us because Son #2 loved his breast-milk. He started 20 minutes after his birth and didn’t stop until he was 3.

It’s not that I intended for it go on for so long- it just did. Of course, the amount and intensity of his sessions evolved over the years, changing from how he got his calories to how he got a little comfort.

Having nursed for so long, I’ve been in my fair share of awkward places. I’ve seen everything from beautiful nursing stations at country fairs to terrible places at “state-of-the-art” malls and museums. I’ve also managed to breastfeed while I was wearing a seat-belt and the baby was in a car-seat. I credit Pilates for giving me the flexibility to do that.

However, in all those three years, I’ve only had one negative comment from a stranger. We were at the zoo. Son #1 had just turned 2 and Son #2 was less than a month old. We were looking at the elephants when Son #2 began to fuss. I looked around but there was nothing- no benches, no secret corner, nothing. So I just sat down on a rock and that’s when it happened.

A middle-aged woman came up to me and said, “Shouldn’t you be doing this in a bathroom?”

REALLY, woman?! We are at the zoo! A bastion of biology. There is a 3 foot elephant penis dangling in front of our faces, but I should take myself, my baby and my boob cover into a dirty bathroom? I was dumb-struck by her comment, but having given birth only a few weeks before, I almost cried.

Other than that single comment, I’d have to say that breastfeeding was a positive experience. Not that there weren’t concerned parties. Both sets of grand-parents had serious reservations, as year one turned to year two turned to year three.

Then one day it stopped. There was no pressure, no crying, no drama. Son #2 simply had enough. Now 10 months later, if you tell him that at one time he drank boob-milk, he explodes into a fit of giggles, and eventually ends with one word, “gross!”

That’s the thing about attachment parenting. There is no need to worry about it, to think of it as controversial, to judge its advocates. Everyone involved will be okay, because eventually everyone de-attaches.

-Mom on a veggie mission.


4 thoughts on “Kale Lemonade

  1. LOL. I love the lemonade idea, although I suspect my twins would also balk at the green bits. Although they’ve been drinking green smoothies. make it taste even a little less ice cream and I guess they get more flexible.

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