Cauliflower and Watercress Soup

With all the rain earlier this week, I thought we might try a soup again. The inspiration for this soup came from a recipe in a Moosewood cookbook – the whole series is really great.

In a large stock pot, add 4 cups of vegetable broth, 6 cups of  cut up cauliflower (1 medium sized head), and 4 cups chopped watercress (thick stalks removed.)

Bring all this up to a boil and cook until your cauliflower is nice and tender. Let this cool a little before you pour it into your blender and puree until smooth. This takes about a minute. Pour this back into your pot and reheat.

Serve in a pirate bowl, as everything tastes better in a pirate bowl – ARRRRRR!!!

Who ate it?

Husband- Yes, though he did comment that it had a ‘grassy’ flavour.

Son #1- Tried it and didn’t like it.

Son #2- Loved dipping his garlic bread and crackers into the soup!

-Mom on a veggie mission


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