Enchanted Endives

Endives? Endives! Really?

Did I really think that Son #2 would eat what basically amounts to cooked lettuce? Well, probably not but I read an article that said that the trick to getting kids to eat their vegetables was simply to give the dishes cool names. So instead of having rutabaga for dinner your family would eat “rock on rutabaga.”

Could it be that easy? I thought I ‘d give it a try with endives, or with what I called “enchanted endives.”

To make this dish, you need a heavy soup pot. Into this pour 1 cup of water, 3 tbsp.of butter or butter substitute, 2 tsp. of sea salt, 1 tsp. of red wine vinegar and 2 tsp. of light brown sugar. Heat this until the butter melts.

Next,  place 4-6 endives, cut in half with any discoloured outer leaves removed. The amount of endives you’ll need will depend on the size of your pot. You want them to lie in a single layer at the bottom of your pot. Cover and cook at medium-low for around 30 minutes or until the endives are tender.

At this point, remove your endives from the pot, drain most of the liquid, leaving  just enough to coat the bottom of the pot. Then place your endives back in and cook at a higher heat for about 2 minutes. If you want your endives to brown keep them in there for a little longer.

I actually didn’t think that this recipe would work but it was delicious!  The re-naming also seemed to work as when the boys asked what we were having and I replied with, “enchanted endives.” They came right to the table to see what it was. Maybe there is something to how we name our food.

Who ate it?

Husband- Of course.

Son #1- He loved it. Really loved it.

Son #2- Tried it and didn’t mind it.

It’s nice to have an unexpected success in the middle of the week!

-Mom on a veggie mission.


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