Steamed Broccoli with a Ginger Dipping Sauce

Things around here have been a little hectic, so I needed something fast and easy. This dish is both.

Start by making the sauce. Into a small serving bowl grate about 1/2 an inch of fresh ginger (no skin). To this add 2 tbsp. of tamari or soy sauce, 2 tsp. of honey, and one squeeze of lemon juice.   This is the base of the sauce but you can play up any one of the  flavours simply by adding more of that ingredient. I should warn you though that as is the sauce is quite gingery.

Next, clean 1 large broccoli head and cut it into bite sized pieces. Steam the broccoli for about 4 minutes and arrange on a serving dish with the dipping sauce. Again, because the sauce is quite strong I wouldn’t pour it over the whole dish- best to let everyone decide how much they’d like.

Who ate it?

Husband- He loved it and really liked the strong flavour of the sauce.

Son #2- He ate a ton of the broccoli and loved it. He just wondered why I had arranged the broccoli around a soup. How can this kid be 6 and not know what a dipping sauce is? The things I forget to teach my kids never fails to surprise me.

Son #3- NO!NO!NO! and when I told him that they were actually little trees he yelled; “NO that’s not a tree. That’s broccoli!”

Well, at least he correctly identified the vegetable.

In addition:

You know I’m starting to get worried, December 31st is right around the corner and I haven’t made much veggie progress.

I saw a bus ad for hypnosis and actually thought that might work better.  I also bought some eddos to try, but then read that they are actually toxic and you can only eat them once they were cooked. This made me very nervous (one of the things I love about vegetables is that even if you screw up the recipe you are unlikely to send anyone to the ER), so I threw them out.

Clearly, I am starting to get both paranoid and lazy – never a good sign. Should any one out there have a miracle cure for a 4 year old boy who does not eat vegetables, I am now ready to accept it. Send your ideas my way.

Be warned though, I will still never cover a vegetable with cheese nor stuff a squash. All other suggestions are welcome.

-Mom on a veggie mission


6 thoughts on “Steamed Broccoli with a Ginger Dipping Sauce

  1. The sauce sounds delish. Our best broccoli attempt so far was grilled. It was fantastic (according to the adults) and the picky child ate it without much complaint. The usually compliant child chose this as the moment to turn his nose up…. Go figure.

  2. I hate, (hate!) camouflaging food, but it’s about the only way I can get my oldest to eat his vegetables. Last night we had tomato soup, which he scarfed down. It had carrots and fennel pureed in with the tomatoes. He laps up risotto and has no idea there’s finally grated squash hiding in there. (He, too, never believed that broccoli florets were “trees”!!)

    • I know I’ll probably have to start trying to hide the veggie inside carbs. All he really loves are carbs. The risotto idea might work. I’m just not sure I have the skill nor the patience to make risotto.

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