The end of a blog……

broccoliSo there it is. The  date counter on the side of my blog reads 0 days left. The mission is over and the post-mission performance review can begin!

Well, a vegetable lover son #2 is not, but after half a year and more than 65 new recipes I can say that while he used to eat like a trucker, he now eats like a trucker trying  not to offend the cook. That’s progress!

As for myself, this blog has taught me a few things:

– I’ve learned that cooking and writing both get better with regular practice.

– I’ve learned that Son #2 is not the only one who loves his carbs. I have never had so many people read my blog as the day I posted the recipe for Bannock. Bannock is most decidedly not a vegetable!

– I’ve learned that it’s true that kids need to be exposed to a new vegetable at least half a dozen times. At the beginning neither boy ate kale. Now Son #1 loves it and I don’t need to hide in potato cakes. He’ll even eat it steamed.

– I’ve learned that I need to take a copy-editing course. Well, it’s either that or I need to go to a  psychotherapist to rid me of my dependence on the hyphen.

–  I’ve learned that every time I think “I’ve got this parenting thing!” something happens to knock me down to my knees, but that’s how I think it should be.

– I’ve learned that  my husband will eat anything.

– I’ve learned that I am a selfish blogger. I didn’t follow people’s blogs who followed mine. I didn’t follow proper etiquette when my two very generous bloggers nominated me for awards. I didn’t respond to companies who wanted to pay me to review their “veggie” products. I’m waiting for karma to get me later.

Most of all, however, I’ve learned that you can’t ignore grief. That it has no agenda. That it simply is.

I started this blog immediately following a complicated miscarriage that left me with having to quit my job and with only a partially functioning  liver. This blog and it’s razor sharp focus on the boys that I do have  and not the imaginary ghost baby that circled me for a time, helped heal me. To those of you who have read my parenting stories and especially to those of you who commented on my stories- thank you so very much.

And finally, just in case it’s the internet that grants us our wishes- may our boys live  a mother-loving long time and may most of their days be happy. Also, if it’s not too much to ask may I one day beat my husband’s high score on Bejeweled and may he continue to love me despite this.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful 2013!

– Mom on a veggie mission


6 thoughts on “The end of a blog……

  1. WOw! Is it already over?! I have to admit that I haven’t always left comments, but your blog posts have been amazing. It does take a certain amount of dedication to keep at it let alone do the cooking part that goes along with it too! haha… Steve is a true Korean at heart – he’ll eat everything! Glad to hear that the boys are enjoying veggies at least that much more. I need that too! Thanks for sharing all this time!
    xoxo Dave And The Gang

  2. I have so enjoyed your work and sort of felt like we were having a chat about getting those greens in those stubborn little bodies. I am so glad you had an outlet and a place to focus while grieving – having been in that dark place without such a focus, I can only imagine how helpful it must have been. I hope you are healing and that you and your family have many delicious and healthful meals in the days to come.

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